Insolvency Law Journal

A forum for research and debate on insolvency law issues in an interdisciplinary perspective. The magazine's aims are, among other things, to spread knowledge about current insolvency law issues and is aimed at a wide readership. With insolvency law as a starting point, related subject areas are also treated, i.a. contract, purchase, labor and tax law as well as crimes against creditors and other related crimes.

In addition to scientific articles, articles written by practicing lawyers and economists, case analyses, book notices, debate and student articles and literature coverage are published. So far, the article authors have consisted of both lawyers and business economists, but we also welcome contributions from other disciplines.

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4 Jul 2023

Publicering av uppsatser och avhandlingar

Det glädjer oss att det är många studenter och doktorander som vill publicera uppsatser och avhan...

3 Jun 2023

Kommande disputationer

Följande tre doktorander kommer att disputera sina avhandlingar i juni: Karin Blad, Styrel...

29 Dec 2022

Release plan 2023

For 2023, the publication plan looks as follows: No. 1 will be published on March 9 No. 2 will be published on June 8...


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