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Author Guidelines

Contributions to the journal are submitted electronically to [email protected]. By submitting manuscripts to the journal, you agree that the accepted manuscript will also be published electronically open access six months after the printed journal.

• The script must not have been previously published or available on the internet. The manuscript may also not be simultaneously submitted to another journal.

• The first page of the manuscript must only contain the title of the article, name and title of the author, workplace, e-mail and telephone. Example: Law. dr. Anna Andersson, Law, Karlstad University, [email protected], 054-700 10 00

• If the article is written by two or more people, it is desirable that the authors' share of the work behind the contribution is indicated in a note or a concluding paragraph in small font. The division of labor can be specified e.g. in percentage or by a description of which parts of the article text each has written.

• To guarantee anonymity during peer review, scripts must otherwise be anonymised.

• We are happy to receive posts where the purpose is to create debate. We emphasize the importance of clear positions in relation to those of others and that the text is formulated in such a way that the debate can continue.

• Neither fee nor royalty is paid.

• Proofreading. The screenwriter receives proofreading as a pdf file by e-mail. The author is expected to carefully proofread and return the proof within the specified time. Corrections must be made directly in the pdf file that is sent to the editorial secretary to the specified e-mail, on paper printout by post or as a scanned pdf.

• Insolvency law journal accepts articles written in Swedish, English, Danish and Norwegian.

• Write an introductory proposal of no more than 100 words under the script title on the second page of the script.

• Subheadings must be short, numbered and with a maximum of three heading levels including the article heading. Feel free to use Word's standard template with Normal (for body text), Heading 1 (for Article Heading), Heading 2 and Heading 3.

• Footnotes. Both the Oxford and Harvard systems are accepted when citing references. InraTi has an interdisciplinary approach, which is why the author can use the system that is customary in the respective field.

Privacy Policy

Names and address details recorded in this journal's website will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.



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