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Getting better? – Interventions to reduce over-indebtedness among individuals and families

Pernilla Liedgren, Christian Kullberg


The aim of this scoping study review was to investigate interventions, undertaken as part of regular work, aiming to reduce the risk of over-in- debtedness among individuals and families. Research questions included describing interventions, target groups and the results of evaluations, as well as investigating the support that the methods used for evaluating the results of the interventions give for determining whether they represent good practice. Eleven articles were found presenting interventions with varying target groups, intensity and duration. The methods used had the following areas of focus: economic and financial knowledge acquisition, economic skills acquisition, and emotional and psychological alleviation and enhancement in relation to economy. The results show that because of shortcomings in the designs and methods used in the evaluations of out- comes of the interventions, the results obtained cannot be considered suf- ficiently robust to be used to systematize and develop work with indebted individuals and families.




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